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Daniela FolloniGuest post by Daniela Folloni. Daniela is a former Journalist, now CEO and Director of Content for her site, It Mãe. She is a loving Mom to her two children, Felipe and Isabela, and believes that every mother has the right to success, fun, romance, and eight hours of sleep.



The dream of working from home for mothers has to be something that crosses the mind often. At least that was the case with me. The time spent in traffic, the number of hours away from the family, often arriving late at night, and sometimes in the middle of the night, were all common occurrences for me.  All of this was pushing me to arrange things differently, to finally having the perfect office eight steps from my bedroom, two steps from my children’s room, and fifteen from the kitchen. After six months of my new life, now I can take stock of the gains and challenges of working from home. If you already work from home, share your point of view here!

One of the things that worried me was, would I feel isolated from friends or colleagues, or even from the general marketplace? Impossible! With Facebook, Linkedin, Skype, Twitter and good old e-mail, it is easy to keep in touch with everyone you want and still find time to connect to a lot more people than when I was working within the company.

Your clothes last longer. And what I mean by that is, you don’t have to wear dress pants, dress skirts, dresses, etc everyday and deal with multiple trips to the dry cleaner. It is a blessing to wake up every morning and wear more comfortable clothing, without of course, losing your sense of style. And the freedom to repeat outfits without worrying about the opinion of others, I love it. For external meetings, there is plenty to choose from in the closet, and it’s even more fun, because you get to “play” executive for that moment.

I also feel you become much more productive and manage your time much more efficiently. I always felt I was wasting away my afternoon at the office, and not everyday, but there were many moments where you almost have to force yourself to keep busy. Now, the minute I wake up I can go straight to my computer to work, before my children wake up and work later in the evening, after they go to bed. Some might think that you are working even more, but that’s not the case. The time it takes to get ready, fight traffic, etc are wasted hours for me. Instead, those hours are now spent picking up and dropping my children off at school, which for me are important moments. And even then, if there are important business matters to take care of, that’s what my smartphone is for.

And speaking of your children, having a home office is also a way to engage more closely with their routine. However, that can also become overwhelming. Imagine not only taking your children to and from school, but to swimming class, make lunch, prepare dinner, give them a bath, and play a little, sometimes there’s not much time left for work. So even with having a home office, you will have to manage your time well and continue to rely on a support team (nanny, housekeeper, maid, driver) to preserve your sanity.

I have benefitted tremendously by working from home and it’s a wonderful chance for mothers to become entrepreneurs themselves and not have to only rely on a professional career in an office.

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Robyn is the Founder and CEO of Simply Be Good. Simply Be Good is a health and wellness media brand empowering and informing people to make better health and lifestyle choices.

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