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Jeth Weinrich is a Canadian documentary filmmaker, music video, and commercial director. He has been working on the film The Invention of Beauty (also known as The Ford Project) for almost six years now. He has travelled from New York to Europe, all over the U.S. and into Canada collecting conversations with everyone from Rene Russo to Quincy Jones on the life and times of Eileen and Jerry Ford. He shot in Houston and New York city, and upstate New York with Eileen herself, and has some of the most original and rare footage of this incredible woman and her family.

He is one interview away from finishing the film. Christie Brinkley will be the last stop on his journey. Rene Russo will narrate the final film and he will have it done by March next year. However, he has to get to New York to shoot a few more interviews, the most important being with Christie Brinkley herself. He has a bit of his own money already, but he is trying to raise a small amount of money through to make sure he has enough to get these last interviews. Then he will be locked in a room for three months editing.

In the fashion and beauty world, there’s Anna Wintour, but before she ever existed there was Eileen Ford. She single-handedly created what the modeling world is today. Both her and her husband Jerry Ford, founded Ford models in 1946. Jerry Hall, Christie Brinkley, Rene Russo, Kim Basinger, Janice Dickinson, Lauren Hutton, Veruschka, Ali MacGraw, Brooke Shields, Candice Bergen, Suzy Parker, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Jean Shrimpton are just some of the models that became household names around the world.

Let’s help get this film funded! It’s important that women like Eileen Ford are acknowledged and celebrated as one of the world’s female innovators and game-changers of an entire industry.

Click on the image below to watch a preview of the movie:

The Ford Project

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