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I’ve been using raw, organic honey for years. I use it in my coffee and tea, I cook with it, I bake with it and I make salad dressings with it, I pretty much use it for everything. Recently when I went shopping, I came across Manuka Honey. The first thing that caught my eye was the price, it’s quite expensive, anywhere between $15 to $40 a jar. I decided to do some research to find out what it is and why it’s so expensive. Turns out it’s this potent elixir full of some amazing health benefits. As I’m always on the quest to discover new information and products for health, I was surprised I only made the recent discovery of Manuka honey. Read on to learn more about this special honey and its health benefits.

What is Manuka Honey and Where Does it Come From

Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand and Australia. In New Zealand, bees feed on the flowers found on the Manuka bush, or the tea tree as it’s sometimes called. In Australia, the Jellybush is used to make Manuka honey. Compared to other types of honey, this honey has a unique flavor and it’s much richer and darker in texture and color.

One of the defining factors of Manuka honey is its antibacterial components and the fact that it doesn’t lose its structure or potency from light or from heat.

Manuka Honey and its Health Benefits

There are several ways in which to use Manuka honey for some health benefits. I will outline the more basic ways to use it and include a list of other, more medical focused ways to use it.

Sore Throats

Anytime I have ever been sick or my allergies flare up, I have always used honey. A little dollop in hot water or hot tea with lemon a few nights in a row and I usually feel much better.

With Manuka honey, all of the nutritional elements found in good quality honey, such as; B vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc are at least four times more potent. Not to mention it also has very high levels of naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide so it works as an antibacterial.

Next time you’re feeling sick or your throat’s a little sore, instead of going for a conventional cough medicine, pick up a bottle of Manuka Honey.

Improves Sleep

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a light sleeper, but sleeping is definitely a sensitive issue for me. Ask my husband, there are many nights I have to wear earplugs to try and relax and create a more quiet environment to fall asleep.

What I learned about Manuka honey and getting a better night’s sleep is, it releases glycogen which is one of the essential components our bodies need for sleeping. If you add the honey to milk, then our bodies release melatonin into the brain, which is necessary for a good sleep.

Considering I’m allergic to dairy, I add the Manuka honey to almond milk. It’s a nice alternative to tea at night.

Hair Treatment

For the last couple of years I’ve been using coconut oil as a hair treatment. After shampooing my hair, I take about a tablespoon of raw, organic and unfiltered coconut oil and apply it just outside the scalp region down to the ends of my hair. Then I comb it through the hair to make sure it’s applied evenly, twist my hair in a bun and clip it, and put a plastic shower cap over. I’ll let it sit for 20-30 minutes, then I wash it out.

Essentially you can do the same thing with Manuka honey, the difference is the honey will work on preventing split ends, control frizz and add a ton of shine to your hair. Better yet, you can mix the honey with the coconut oil to combine all the benefits of both.

…some other health benefits and uses for Manuka honey

  • Allergies & Sinusitis

  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

  • Tooth Decay & Gingivitis

  • Burns & Ulcers

  • Staph Infections

  • Acne & Eczema

  • Acid Reflex

As I am not a doctor or nutritionist I would encourage you to talk to a professional before using Manuka honey for anything that I’ve listed above. I’m actually really curious about it’s benefits with Gingivitis, so I’m going to discuss it with my dentist.

In case you’re looking for a more natural alternative to treat the common cold, improve your sleep or the quality of your hair, then you should consider Manuka honey. I think many times we overlook the power of food for our health, so always consider what you’re consuming and how it effects your health.

Have you ever used Manuka honey? If yes, what for?

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