About Simply Be Good

Simply Be Good is a health and wellness media brand focused on empowering and informing people to make better health and lifestyle choices.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” ~Thomas Edison

“Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise. ” ~Mike Adams

About Robyn Cohen

Robyn Cohen, women on it, founder

Robyn Cohen is the Founder and CEO of Simply Be Good. Robyn’s knowledge and passion for health and wellness started at a young age. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Robyn’s mom, the late Yvonne Ferguson Litman, was on the forefront of health and wellness. When Robyn’s younger sister, Lauren, was born mentally challenged and epileptic, Robyn’s mom was determined to learn about the connection between epilepsy and nutrition. It was at that time, 1983 to be exact, that her mom transformed the way their family ate. Breakfasts consisted of green smoothies and lunches were filled with fresh salads or homemade soups. Dinners were Robyn’s favorite meals, because her mom knew how to cook food from around the world and always with organic ingredients.

Nutrition was not only important to her mom, exercise was too. Robyn remembered her mom waking up before dawn to go to the gym. Then she would return home to get her and her sister ready for school, all before 9am. Robyn was so inspired by this she started exercising at the age of 15 with her first workout video, Alyssa Milano’s Teen Spirit.

When Robyn moved to Montreal for university, her mom’s nutrition and exercise influence followed. From protein smoothies, to fresh juices and daily exercise, Robyn continued to live a healthy lifestyle.

A turning point…

In November of 1996, Robyn’s mom was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. This was the beginning of an eight-year battle with cancer. In April 2007, the ovarian cancer went into remission, but unfortunately three years later her mom was diagnosed with sarcoma. She immediately had a hysterectomy, which prevented the sarcoma from spreading. However, in August 2003 she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which took her mom’s life in February 2004. If it wasn’t for her healthy lifestyle, Robyn believes her mom would have passed away much earlier.

After her mom’s death, Robyn became even more passionate about health and wellness. That passion continued to grow when Robyn started struggling with infertility, which she wrote about in The Face of Infertility. When her story went viral, CNN interviewed her for their piece, Infertility: Why don’t more people talk about it? 

Career highlights…

Robyn began her career at 19 as a freelance makeup artist. For a decade she worked with some of the top cosmetic companies including M.A.C., Aveda and Stila. She also traveled the U.S. and Canada working behind the scenes of music videos, commercials, fashion shows and photo shoots. From 2002 to 2006 she was the sales and business development manager for Molton Brown USA and then Dr. Jessica Wu Cosmeceuticals. In 2006 she helped run her husband’s company, Cloud Nine, for two years. She was instrumental in landing some of their key clients, Mashable, Media Post and Disney/ABC.

Robyn worked with Girls in Tech as their Executive Managing Director from 2008 to 2010 and launched their Los Angeles chapter. She helped generate national attention for Girls in Tech with participation at the Web 2.0 conference and Twiistup in 2009. She also produced some of the top tech events in Los Angeles. During this time, Robyn worked with Total Beauty as a consultant on their blog community and social media initiatives. She also consulted with Megsmakeup.com working on their marketing and business development initiatives.

When Robyn’s husband decided to move his company to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2010, she immediately connected with the education and startup industries. She taught English and launched her own site Women On It. When her husband’s company sold to Buscape, the largest e-commerce company in Latin America, they returned to the U.S. in 2014.

Simply Be Good…

After Robyn and her husband settled in Salt Lake City, she went back to working in marketing and business development. She also continued writing for Women On It. During this time she watched a series of food documentaries, such as Fed Up, Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. These films, along with the skyrocketing rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes, pushed Robyn to pursue health and wellness full time. That’s when Simply Be Good was launched.

Robyn is currently enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a level one certified yoga teacher. She also holds a B.A. from Concordia University in Montreal.

The Advisory Board

Patricia Handschiegel, women on it, advisory boardPatricia Handschiegel

Patricia is a serial media and Internet entrepreneur. Her background is in Internet telecom engineering and platform (broadcast, print, phones, etc.) businesses. She founded the first online fashion and social media company in 2004, which grew to 72 countries before she sold it in 2007.

Patricia is now the Founder and CEO of 9, which specializes in building businesses in the media, entertainment, Internet, and commerce industries. In addition to owning 9, Patricia has been a paid advisor to companies and spoken at events like South by Southwest Interactive, Blogher, Women 2.0, and Digital Hollywood, to name a few. She has also been featured in such publications as Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Mashable, Venturebeat, TechCrunch, and GigaOm.